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Humidifier Cleaner

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Helps maintain the cleanliness and effectiveness of your humidifier. Works with ALL Humidifiers to keep your water tank free of mineral deposits. Comes in a 236 mL (8 fluid ounce) bottle.

Additional Information:

  • REDUCE MINERALS: The humidifier descaler removes lime scale, calcium scale and other mineral scale build up while reducing any odor from the unit.
  • EXTENDED HUMIDIFIER LIFE: Without the presence of mineral rich white dust in the tank or base the lifetime of your humidifier will be extended and the humidifier will operate with optimal performance.
  • COMPATIBILITY: This universal humidifier cleaning liquid is compatible with ANY humidifier or vaporizer brands such as Vicks, Vornado, Homedics, or Honeywell.
  • FREQUENCY: Crane’s humidifier cleaner should be used based on the frequency your humidifier is used. We recommend you clean a regularly used humidifier every 1 to 2 weeks.