10 Best Houseplants For Nurseries

By Lynn Fosbender of Rooted, by Pollen – Chicago

Including Houseplants in a Nursery

When a new little one is joining the family, creating a cozy nursery is one of the exciting tasks to welcome the new arrival. The crib, the changing table, the rocking chair…and the plants! Houseplants enhance emotional wellbeing (not only the kiddo’s, but let’s remember yours, too!) and let your little one connect with nature by bringing some of the outside in!

When choosing houseplants for a nursery, do yourself a favor and choose ones that are easy to care for. You’ll be focused on providing care for the new baby, and don’t need to have a difficult plant added to your responsibilities! Also, you’ll want to choose non-toxic plants if they’ll be within reach of the baby.

Which Houseplants are Best for a Nursery

I’ve selected 10 houseplants well-suited for a nursery. These best houseplants for nurseries are considered non-toxic to kids and are easy to care for.

How to Choose Houseplants for a Nursery

Ponytail Palm. Beaucarnea recurvata.

Ponytail Palm. Beaucarnea recurvata.

Ponytail palms are fun, quirky plants that remind me of Fraggles! When they are larger, they have thick brown stems topped by cascading grass-like foliage. They can handle a variety of light conditions, but you’ll see the most growth in a brighter spot. Bonus: These tolerant plants won’t mind if you skip a watering or two.

Nerve Plant. Fittonia albivenis.

Nerve Plant. Fittonia albivenis.

Dark green leaves with striking white veins are the hallmark of this diminutive plant, perfect for a shelf or other spot where space is limited. Nerve plants have a reputation for being dramatic, because when they’re a bit overdue on their watering, their stems flop over. But I consider this a good thing when you’re busy with a new baby in the house, because it’s communicating its needs. If you forget to water, this plant will remind you to grab the watering can!

Spider Plants. Cholophytum comosum.

Easy peasy care make these a good houseplant choice for new parents. With long, narrow leaves and trailing baby plants, spider plants are perfect for a hanging basket. Medium to bright, indirect light is best for spider plants. And once the plant (and your child) are older, you can propagate the spider plant babies together and share them with friends!

Wax Plant. Hoya sp. 

There are many types of hoya available, with Hoya carnosa being one of the most readily available varieties. Keep an eye out for variegated forms of hoya. Some have lovely, light pink leaves, such as ‘Krimson Princess’ and ‘Krimson Queen.’ Hoyas like medium to bright, indirect light and can handle some lower light conditions. Let the top couple of inches of the soil dry out before watering.

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